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Commercial Solar PV Specialists


We’re helping unlock the full potential of solar, energy storage, and electric mobility. We manage projects

 end-to-end, ensuring the best outcome and service. Whether you want to reduce your energy spend, cut your carbon emissions, or protect against rising energy costs, i-Span Energy can help.

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Commercial PV

Commercial solar panels save you money on your energy bills, reduce your carbon emissions, and protect you from rising energy costs.

A commercial solar PV installation allows your organisation to reduce its energy spend by generating clean energy on-site. This, in turn, improves your bottom line and reduces your environmental impact.

Each solar installation is custom-designed to maximise energy yield and available space. Solar arrays may be ground or roof-mounted, depending on your business’s requirements. However, they’re all created using high-spec products from our technical partners.

Commercial solar panels may be paired with an industrial battery, to store your solar energy for use at a later date. From start to finish, you will be looked after by us and our partners experienced team of installers and project managers, ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible.

With climate change high on the world’s agenda, all eyes are on businesses to take action and responsibility. Producing low carbon electricity for your business reduces your C02 emissions, minimising your environmental impact.


Battery Storage

Save your surplus energy for later with battery storage. Cut your organisation’s spend on carbon intensive energy from the grid, and improve your green credentials.

Commercial energy storage allows you to store your self-generated solar energy for use at a later time.

Without battery storage, solar energy must be used in real-time, with any excess released to the grid. Solar plus storage saves your unused energy for later, reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and grid energy. This stored solar electricity can then be used outside of daylight hours, during cloudy spells, or for periods of unusually high energy consumption.

Energy storage may be installed at the same time as your solar panels, or retrofitted at a later date. They can also provide additional power to facilitate electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Depending on your business’s energy tariff, you can even draw cheaper energy from the grid at night and save it for use during peak times.


Solar Carports

Solar carports provide clean, cost-effective energy for your organisation, without losing a single parking space. Welcome to the future of on-site energy generation.

By generating your own clean energy on-site, solar carports allow you to reduce your energy spend and improve your bottom line.

Our partners, design supply, and install each custom-made system to maximise available space and energy yield.

Commercial solar canopies comprise a bespoke structure with high-spec solar PV panels. The compact design and innovative ground fixings allow a quick and efficient build, with minimal disruption to your site.

As well as improving your on-site parking, solar carports also provide a clear display of your commitment to sustainability. Perfect for organisations with staff happiness and environmental CSR at their heart.

Solar carport structures can accommodate battery storage, allowing you to use your solar energy beyond daylight hours, and electric vehicle charging points to future-proof for increasing EV charging demand.


Operation & Maintenance

End-to-end customer service doesn’t stop at installation. Operations and maintenance service ensures your solar panels provide the maximum return on your investment.

Like most of us, solar panels perform better when they receive a little TLC. Regular solar panel maintenance keeps your array generating at peak capacity.

Our partners use the highest spec solar panels with long-term warranties, so serious faults are rare. The thorough operations and maintenance service offered provide peace of mind that your installation is working hard to save you money.

Along with regular maintenance, technical solar panel cleaning services keeps your system ticking over. Build ups of dust, pollen, bird droppings, and industrial pollutants can all hinder the performance of your panels.

Over one year, a clean array will outperform a dirty one by an average of 4.7%. However, we’ve seen highly-soiled panels generate 50% more energy after cleaning. Solar panel maintenance contracts are bespoke, depending on the specification of your array. The available services include:

  • Annual servicing: Catch any warning signs, and prevent problems from developing

  • 24/7 remote system monitoring: Monitoring of the performance of your system daily, reducing potential downtime

  • Technical telephone support and troubleshooting to resolve minor errors from the people who designed and installed the equipment.

  • Quarterly and annual performance report: Provides an overview of your energy portfolio and any advisory actions

  • FiT payment check: For customers with a pre-existing feed-in tariff arrangement, wen can offer a monitoring service to ensure you receive the correct payments

  • Cleaning: Specialist solar panel cleaning service improves the efficiency of your system

  • Maintenance and repairs: In case of a fault, our install partners engineers will get you back up and running.


Electric Vehicle Charging

Cut emissions and save money on your EV charging with convenient, on-site electric vehicle charge points.

Charging your electric vehicle needn’t cost the earth. On-site EV charge points are more cost-effective and convenient than public electric vehicle chargers.

Demand for EV charging infrastructure is increasing. Consumer passion for the environment and government incentivisation means electric vehicles are becoming a mainstream transport option. Making it easy for staff and visitors to charge their electric cars on-site contributes to employee satisfaction, and aligns with environmental CSR objectives. For organisations considering an electric fleet, on-site charging is essential.

Electric vehicle charge points may be incorporated into solar PV installations, directing energy generated straight to an EV. Why invest in a green car, only to charge it with carbon-intensive grid energy?

Our solar panel plus electric vehicle charge systems are custom-designed to make the most of your available space and increase energy yield – whether that’s a roof array or solar carport. EV chargers vary: from fast to standard charging, and AC to DC. Whatever your needs, we can provide an electric vehicle charge point to suit.


Power Purchase Agreements

Power Purchase Agreements let you run your business with green, solar energy, without upfront investment.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are a funding model for solar projects. They help businesses gain their own solar systems, without capital investment.

While self-funded installations provide the best return on investment, this isn’t always an option. Renewable systems typically incur upfront costs, as well as ongoing servicing.

PPAs remove the need for investment, as you do not buy or own the solar panels. You just use them.

We rent your otherwise unused roof space, and places solar panels there. You then purchase energy from us at a lower-than-market rate. If you need additional electricity, you buy it from the grid as usual.

As decision makers increasingly choose brands with a clear environmental commitment, PPA solar delivers your business a competitive advantage. For organisations with high electricity usage, a PPA can also save you thousands on your energy bill.

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iSpan Founded by Paul Beaufils in 2010 as a technical sales company to look at all aspects of a businesses technical needs and then find or create solutions and strategies that improved an organisations productivity and profitability and now their carbon footprint. It was therefore inevitable that iSpan would enter the renewable energy market, realising it's huge potential and the potential to help its clients. We have achieved this by partnering with some of the worlds leading manufacturers in Solar and the UK's No 1 leading technical design delivery partners and their impressive statistics in the UK are as follows.


Amount of power of commercial, domestic and utility scale Solar PV developed or installed. 


Estimated volume in tonnes of CO2 offset. Or the equivalent of driving a family car to the moon and back over 2,500 times.

Smart energy for a smarter future

We collectively believe that there isn't a one size fits all answer to our clients growing energy needs and demands. We do however know that renewable technology is crucial to reducing our dependence on expensive, unpredictable and polluting fossil fuel imports. Renewable energy will set us on the path to developing a low-carbon, self-sufficient society in the UK. All while saving our customers money.


Saving the planet, shouldn't cost the earth!

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Year Established



Green Power supplied by our technical delivery partners

Tonnes of CO2 Offset by our Technical delivery partners so far!




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